“Fil Reid is a brilliant storyteller who distinguishes herself in the early pages of “The Dragon Ring” by delivering a time travel fantasy that is more astute and intelligent than a mere bait and switch plotline.”  InD’tale Magazine.

“The Dragon Ring is an enthralling, time-travelling adventure when Gwen, a twenty-first century woman, is magically transported to the fifth century and King Arthur’s court – as his queen, Guinevere. The Dark Ages come alive in this fascinating tale. I loved the depth of research and detail that made me feel as though I’d fallen back in time along with Gwen, and I could empathise as she struggled between wanting to return to her own time, and her growing feelings for Arthur. I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend The Dragon Ring and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series!”  Goodreads reviewer.

“I totally loved this Arthurian retelling with a time travel twist… The descriptions of medieval Britain were completely captivating and convincing. I loved seeing it all through the eyes of a scholar’s daughter as she catalogues the fashions and customs that would have thrilled her father. The romance between Gwen and Arthur was perfect. Arthur is portrayed as not only a brave warrior but a cunning statesman and empathetic leader, which he would need to be in order to reach the legendary stature for which he is destined. They are both impossible not to love.”  Goodreads reviewer.

“This is my first time reading historical fiction around this era and I need more! The Dragon Ring pulls you in from the start, such interesting characters and who doesn’t love a bit of time travel! Gwen was so endearing, I liked following her as she faced up to what is expected of her and the decisions she had to make. This is definitely a series you need to start! And I’m looking forward to the next book.” Goodreads reviewer.

“Gwen is such a brilliant main character, she is witty and strong and not to mention brave. Above all of that though, like me, she is a massive nerd for Arthurian legend, something I think she might also share with the author. She helps guide the reader through everything going on, citing modern place names at the drop of a hat and helping to locate the Dark Age plotline in the modern world that we would be familiar with. In addition, I feel like the classic characters of old are seen in their more traditional roles. Merlin is the wise councillor to Arthur and Arthur is very much a man of the people who will lead them to victory. They also felt authentically Dark Ages, no anachronisms slipped in that I noticed, which is something I greatly appreciated.”  Goodreads reviewer.

“It was all so well written, I flew through it! After the ending I’m excited to see how it will continue. I definitely recommend it for any fantasy or historical lovers!” Goodreads reviewer.

“What a great book! The best I have read from a new author this year. Guinevere: the Dragon Ring mixes time travel with the Arthurian legend in an imaginative and entertaining way. The author writes with fluency, conjuring romance and adventure that stretches from the present to the Dark Ages. Her characters are well-drawn and contribute hugely to the entertainment. Her meticulous research results in just the right amount of authentic detail while her imagination plots a deeply engaging and surprisingly believable tale. Readers of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books will love this first instalment in what I believe is a six-part series. I am certainly looking forward to finding out what happens next!” Goodreads reviewer.

“Let me say at the outset that good writing is good writing regardless of the genre. No genuine reader can resist it. And Fil Reid is a very good writer indeed. She writes with honesty, sincerity and great passion. I ended up loving this book. Reid’s writing pulls us effortlessly into the world she creates, a world very clearly built from intense research, a brilliant eye for detail, a powerful imagination, and the skill to mix fantasy with fact, truth with fiction, historical research with legend. The result is a marvellously constructed tale that shines a searching light into a specific moment of time in the Dark Ages.” Goodreads reviewer.

“One of my favourite parts of the writing was Gwen’s conflicts between her 21st century, and even future Dark Ages, knowledge and how this could help or perhaps hinder her time there. I especially enjoyed the narrative around her worries about becoming pregnant and whether she would even survive in the past and her consideration of her birth control injection. There are also other moments where modern medical knowledge around keeping wounds clean and closed seems quite radical to those in the past and even Gwen’s own worries about how to keep her teeth clean. As a bit of a science and health nerd I loved these additions. I find this is an element that is often missing from time travel and even apocalyptic stories, as someone with a condition called Endometriosis I just know I wouldn’t survive or cope without our accessible modern medical options and comforts, and it was brilliant to see these very really worries on the page.” Goodreads reviewer.

“You would be forgiven for thinking you had just read an illustrated edition of Fil Reid’s, Guinevere: The Dragon Ring, such was the incredible quality of her world-building and historical detail. There’s a fine line when it comes to historical fiction and flights of fantasy like time-travel, and often that line is crossed in such tales when historical accuracy takes second place to fantastical storylines. Fil, however, has surpassed any responsibility she might have felt to depict the period setting with any measure of truth. She has diligently researched the era and the result is an intricately believable depiction of a world where the remarkable characters could well have played out their legends.”  Goodreads reviewer.

“What I liked most was that you could tell just how much research had to have gone into this book. For example, there was great detail on how places looked in the fifth century but with Gwen comparing these places with how they look now. There were interesting facts like how they looked after their horses on long journey’s and even how people cleaned their teeth back then! It was like having a history lesson with the enjoyment of reading.”  Goodreads reviewer.

“The quality of research Fil has carried out is commendable. Whether you have any prior knowledge of Arthurian legend or not, you really feel at home in its pages; it’s so well written, it just jumps off the page. It’s written with such passion, I’m convinced it is telling the truth, and am not sure how anyone can argue otherwise.”  Books by your Bedside Blog.

“Three hours. I sat for three hours straight, read and read, and didn’t stop. This was one of those books. It was absolutely captivating and left me holding my breath till the last second… Gwen’s modern and open nature breathes air into this novel. Her thoughts throughout this book are so interesting and her modern vs dark age anecdotes are simply hilarious. Arthur’s character in this book is so refreshing, he isn’t completely portrayed as perfect Arthur, the perfect king. His flaws, highlights, and emotions are all visible through the pages. Merlin’s character also took quite a new turn, he was portrayed as young, handsome, charming but extremely cunning and clever.”  Goodreads reviewer.

“Fil Reid’s exciting romance, “Guinevere”, introduces us to Arthur’s fifth-century world via a time-slip. The reader sees Arthur’s exploits through the eyes of a twenty-first century young woman, Gwen. This clever use of a modern-day heroine has the potential to draw in a wider audience, who otherwise, may not imagine a Dark Ages romance is for them! And this story is so much more than a romance.”  Goodreads reviewer.

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