The Book Series ‘Guinevere’

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Twenty-four-year-old Gwen Fry, the daughter of an Arthurian scholar, goes to scatter her father’s ashes on Glastonbury Tor. In the ruined church tower at the summit of the Tor, she finds a gold ring and is whisked back in time to the fifth century.

Her father named her Guinevere after the legendary queen, and, to her consternation, Merlin claims her arrival will fulfil an old prophecy. He wants her to marry Prince Arthur, lord of Din Cadan – known today as South Cadbury Castle. 

But before the marriage can happen, Arthur is called to his father’s deathbed in faraway Viroconium, modern Wroxeter, taking Gwen with him. She’s lost in a strange land with no one to turn to, afraid she’ll never be able to return to her old world. And when she begins to have feelings for Arthur, she’s torn about what she truly wants to do.