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About Fil:

Fil Reid has been writing all her life, ever since her parents gave her a children’s Petite Typewriter for her 5th birthday. Her first subject was ponies, as she’s had a lifelong love of all things equine – in fact all things animal. She once had more than 20 horses, and later 20 dogs as well as 7 or 8 cats. But she’s not a mad cat lady, and now she’s down to just one dog and one cat.

When she was young she rode racehorses for a living, then married a farmer and ran her own riding school, which was a childhood dream come true. After he died, she remarried and went to live on a Welsh sheep farm, where she once saw one of the legendary big cats that supposedly stalk our countryside – it went on to kill a few of her sheep. She’s also lived in Brittany, in France, where she and her second husband ran holiday gites from their small holding.

Two of her sons have Asperger’s Syndrome, and the older one prompted her to be investigated, which was when she found out she, too, had it, which explained her obsession since childhood with everything Arthurian.

On a visit to Glastonbury Tor with her husband, he took four photos with infrared film. When he developed them, the second photo showed the ruined church tower on the Tor fading, and in the third it had completely vanished. She wondered what would have happened if she’d been in the tower when it vanished. Was that a glimpse back in time? And so Guinevere was born.

She’s also a believer in ghosts as she saw one in an old church near where she lives. At the time she thought it was just an old lady visiting a grave, but later, when she googled the church, she found the graveyard was haunted by just such an old lady. Right down to her turquoise mac!

When she’s not writing or editing her books, or doing historical research, Fil likes to relax by sewing and knitting for her grandchildren. She loves to make finger puppets and dolls, as well as doing cross stitch pictures to her own design, and embroidery. She hates to have idle hands.

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